LGTC: Enhancing Accessibility with Two Strategic Office Locations

LGTC Farwaniya Office

Limitless General Trading Company (LGTC) has consistently strived to offer unparalleled services and support to its valued clients and stakeholders. To further its commitment to accessibility and efficiency, LGTC strategically operates two prominent offices in Kuwait – the Salmiya Office and the Farwaniya Office.

Salmiya Office: A Trusted Central Hub

Since its establishment in 2017 at The Walk Complex, Salem Al Mubarak St., Block 4, Salmiya, LGTC’s Salmiya office has served as a pivotal center for the company’s operations. This office stands as a testament to LGTC’s commitment to providing a central and accessible location for its clients and stakeholders.

The Salmiya Office has been instrumental in facilitating seamless interactions and offering a convenient point of contact for clients seeking LGTC’s esteemed services. With its strategic location and well-equipped infrastructure, this office has played a crucial role in fostering strong relationships with clients and stakeholders over the years.

Farwaniya Office: Expanding Reach, Embracing Opportunity

A recent addition to LGTC’s operational landscape, the Farwaniya Office, located in Office No. 17, Magatheer Center, Block 3, Farwaniya, represents a significant milestone in LGTC’s journey. This new office signifies LGTC’s dedication to expanding its reach and bringing its services closer to its clients, especially those located in Farwaniya and surrounding areas.

Opened on May 7, 2023, the Farwaniya Office embodies LGTC’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and efficiency for its clients. By strategically establishing this office in a bustling area, LGTC aims to provide greater convenience and more localized services to individuals seeking assistance with work permits, visa consultations, and other related services.

Accessibility Redefined, Services Amplified

Both the Salmiya and Farwaniya Offices showcase LGTC’s dedication to serving its clients better by ensuring convenient access to its services. These strategic office locations reflect LGTC’s commitment to fostering strong relationships and facilitating smoother interactions with clients and stakeholders.

LGTC’s decision to establish these two offices underscores its unwavering dedication to offering superior services, leveraging local presence, and providing a platform for clients to access expert guidance and support easily.


Through the establishment of the Salmiya and Farwaniya Offices, LGTC has demonstrated its steadfast commitment to ensuring proximity, convenience, and efficiency in serving its valued clients and stakeholders. These strategic office locations serve as pivotal points for engagement, reflecting LGTC’s continuous efforts to enhance accessibility and strengthen relationships with its clientele. As LGTC continues its journey of providing exceptional services, the Salmiya and Farwaniya Offices stand as testaments to its unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and accessibility.

Google Map

Salmiya Office: https://maps.app.goo.gl/EhVXkun6rjeN2kNZA
Farwaniya Office: https://maps.app.goo.gl/spisMRu9cXN94V1o6