Welder using method 136/138

November 19, 2023

Job Overview

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    November 19, 2023
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    December 20, 2023
  • Experience
    2 Year
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Job Description

Welder Job Description

We are seeking a skilled Welder to join our team, responsible for proficiently executing butt and fillet joints (BW+FW) in welding methods 138 and 136, with minimum proficiency in PF and PE positions. The ideal candidate will work with material groups FM1, FM2, FM3, and FM5, ensuring precision and quality in every welding task.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Expertise in Welding Techniques: Proficient in performing butt and fillet joints (BW+FW) using welding methods 138 and 136, meeting minimum requirements in PF, PE positions for various material groups.
  • Mechanized Welding Operations: Skilled in operating mechanized welding processes in compliance with PN-EN ISO 14732 standards.
  • Preparation and Documentation: Prepare workstations, set up equipment, and identify welding materials. Document weld details, including welder identification, welding dates following WPS standards, and interpretation of technical drawings.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure the manufactured parts meet quality standards, paying meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Workplace Maintenance: Maintain a clean and organized workspace, emphasizing cleanliness and orderliness in adherence to safety protocols.
  • Certifications and Tests: Hold a current certificate according to PN-EN ISO 9606-1, specifically TÜV certification by method 136/138. Additionally, perform Site Tests and secure positive results from VT and UT tests.
  • Technical Competencies: Possess knowledge of minimizing and preventing excessive welding deformations, ensuring structural integrity and quality.
  • Language and Experience: Basic proficiency in English is required, while prior experience of at least 2 years in welding steel and offshore structural components is advantageous.


  • Demonstrated expertise in welding methods 138 and 136 with a focus on BW+FW joints.
  • Proficiency in handling material groups FM1, FM2, FM3, and FM5.
  • Familiarity with PN-EN ISO 14732 standards and documentation practices.
  • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.