General Builder

January 19, 2024

Job Overview

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    January 19, 2024
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    February 20, 2024
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Job Description

-Unloading building materials and equipment at the construction site and placing them at the builder’s workplace -Inspect hand tools -Assist in the installation and dismantling of auxiliary devices for scaffolding. -Measuring and cutting material to size -Using various methods, unloading building materials from the vehicle, and properly load them at the construction site warehouse or construction site.
-Performing auxiliary work under the guidance of an experienced worker -Deliver Materials -Filling various types of insulating materials (walls, floors, ceilings) -Assisting with various building structures and building products surface for further finishing primer -Perform a clean work -Comply and abide labor safety protocols -Use appropriate work tools, equipment and accessories for the specific job -Prepare tools and accessories for work, -Use personal protective equipment and organized workspace regularly -Use of power tools and pneumatic tools in accordance with labor safety regulations -Observe environmental protection -Use appropriate equipment methods for removal of construction debris, Properly collect and dispose excess materials.