Plastic Recycling Plant Worker

November 20, 2023

Job Overview

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    November 20, 2023
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    December 31, 2023
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Job Description

Our Plastic Recycling Plant is a leading facility in extruded film production and recycling of plastic waste. We specialize in producing various plastic products, including garbage bags, palletizing bags, foils, recycled films, hoses, construction films, and packaging materials. Processing approximately 1,400 tons of plastic waste monthly, we are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plastic Waste Sorting and Recycling: Primary responsibility includes sorting and recycling plastic waste, ensuring efficient processing and adherence to recycling protocols.
  • Production Control: Assist in monitoring and controlling the production of film and bags, ensuring quality standards are met.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Previous experience in plastic recycling or manufacturing is advantageous, although not mandatory.
  • Understanding of plastic waste sorting and recycling processes, contributing to efficient operations.
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible recycling practices.
  • Ability to work effectively in a production environment and follow recycling protocols.

This role offers an opportunity for individuals interested in contributing to sustainable practices and the production of various plastic products through recycling processes at our Plastic Recycling Plant.