Forging Educational Alliances: LGTC’s Participation in the British Council Kuwait IELTS Stakeholders Meeting 2024

As a proud representative of LGTC, our team was honored to be part of the recent stakeholders meeting organized by the British Council Kuwait at the Hilton Hotel Kuwait’s Al-dorra hall. This gathering, which brought together a diverse array of companies in Kuwait, proved to be a valuable platform for collaboration and shared insights. Joined by our manager and CEO, LGTC actively engaged in the event hosted by Ms. Tina Mathew, Account Relations Manager of the British Council Kuwait.

A Warm Welcome and Diplomatic Presence

The event began on a positive note with a welcoming address from Mr. Tony Skinner, the Country Director of the British Council Kuwait. This set the stage for a series of enlightening presentations, including an address from her Excellency Belinda Lewis, which added a diplomatic touch to the proceedings.

Exploring the British Council’s Impactful Initiatives

Michael King, the Director of Examinations for KSA, Kuwait, and Bahrain, provided a comprehensive overview of the British Council’s work in the region. This presentation highlighted the organization’s commitment to educational excellence and collaboration, resonating strongly with LGTC’s own values and mission.

Global Educational Opportunities: Study Abroad Insights

LGTC found the session on Study USA, led by Ms. Rasha Zalzala and Mr. Mark Perry, to be particularly enlightening. The insights into educational opportunities in the United States presented a valuable perspective, aligning with LGTC’s commitment to facilitating international educational experiences.

Diplomacy in Education: Strengthening Ties

The presence of diplomatic figures, including her Excellency Aliya Mawani, Ambassador of Canada to the State of Kuwait, and her Excellency Melissa Kelley, Ambassador of Australia to the State of Kuwait, emphasized the importance of international collaboration in the field of education. LGTC acknowledges the significance of such partnerships in creating a globalized learning environment.

Navigating Language Proficiency: IELTS Updates and Overview

LGTC was particularly keen on the session presented by Ms. Suchitra Sen and Mr. Islam Abdulmajeedm, which focused on IELTS updates. As a language training institution, staying abreast of the latest developments in language proficiency examinations is crucial to providing our students with the best possible education.

Celebrating Partnerships and Achievements

We were pleased to witness the acknowledgment of partner establishments during the event, as certificates were distributed to honor their collaborative efforts. LGTC values the partnerships we have cultivated and looks forward to further strengthening these bonds in the future.

A Heartfelt Vote of Thanks and Continued Collaboration

Shiba Varghese’s vote of thanks resonated deeply with LGTC, expressing gratitude for the shared commitment to educational excellence. As the meeting concluded with a group photo, LGTC left with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to contribute to the advancement of education in Kuwait.

Expressing Intent: Strengthening the LGTC-British Council Partnership

In the spirit of collaboration, LGTC would like to express its keen interest in strengthening the partnership between LGTC and the British Council. We believe that by working together, we can contribute even more significantly to the educational landscape of Kuwait. LGTC looks forward to exploring avenues for increased collaboration, joint initiatives, and mutual support with the British Council in the future.

Lunch and Networking: Building Bridges for the Future

The networking lunch that followed provided LGTC with an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and explore potential collaborations. The exchange of ideas and experiences over lunch reinforced LGTC’s dedication to being an active participant in the educational landscape of Kuwait.

In conclusion, LGTC extends its gratitude to the British Council Kuwait for orchestrating a successful stakeholders meeting. This event not only allowed LGTC to showcase its commitment to educational excellence but also provided a platform for meaningful connections and collaborations. As we move forward, LGTC remains dedicated to contributing to the educational growth and development of Kuwait in partnership with organizations like the British Council.

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