Exploring the Work Benefits in Poland: A Comprehensive Overview

When considering a move abroad for work, the advantages and benefits available to employees often factor significantly into the decision-making process. For those contemplating an overseas job opportunity in Poland, understanding the work benefits becomes pivotal.

Working Hours and Paid Time Off

In Poland, the standard workweek comprises 40 hours spread over 8 hours per day. Overtime on a weekly basis must not exceed 48 hours or 150 hours annually.

Employees with under 10 years of employment are entitled to 20 days of annual leave, whereas those with a decade or more of service enjoy 26 days.

Leave of Absence

Workers in Poland are entitled to either 20 or 26 days of paid vacation annually, based on their length of employment. New employees accrue 1/12th of their yearly leave for each month worked.

Social Security Benefits

Contributing to Poland’s social security system during employment grants access to sickness, disability, old age, and accident insurance. This contribution entitles workers to the same benefits as Polish citizens.

Public healthcare, facilitated by the Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia, is accessible to all workers and their families. Additionally, many employers offer private health insurance, providing access to private healthcare facilities for employees and their families.

Sick Leave and Pay

During the initial 33 days of sick leave within a calendar year (14 days for individuals aged 50 or above), employees receive at least 80% of their average salary, covered by the employer. Subsequent to this period, sickness allowance is granted at an 80% rate (or 100% in certain situations) by the social security system.

Life Insurance

Employers often offer life insurance plans for a specified duration. Ensure clarity regarding coverage periods, which might extend beyond your tenure with the company.

Maternity, Paternity, and Parental Leave

Expectant mothers are entitled to 20 weeks of maternity leave, with 6 weeks available prior to childbirth, regardless of their tenure with the current employer. Paternity leave for up to 2 weeks is also available. Additionally, parents can access 32 weeks of parental leave, usable by either parent.

Other Benefits

Poland’s strategic location in central Europe facilitates easy travel to neighboring countries. The country boasts a high standard of living, providing reasonable incomes for foreigners to lead comfortable lives. English is widely spoken, reducing language barriers for communication.

The presence of multinational corporations fosters diverse employment opportunities, particularly in the thriving IT sector. Companies here offer robust training programs, aiding young professionals in charting their career paths.

Poland mandates pension (PPK), social insurance, and occupational medicine. Employers’ participation in pension plans became compulsory in 2019 under the Employee Capital Plan (PPK), encouraging savings among local citizens.

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