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LGTC’s Partner Employer in New Zealand Now Hiring!

LGTC is excited to announce that our esteemed partner employer in New Zealand is now hiring skilled professionals for a variety of positions. This is a fantastic opportunity for talented individuals looking to advance their careers while experiencing the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of New Zealand. Whether you are in the IT industry or skilled trades, we have numerous positions available to match your expertise.

IT Industry Positions

Our partner employer is seeking highly qualified candidates for the following roles in the IT sector:

  • DevOps Automation Quality Engineer: Enhance and streamline deployment processes.
  • Cloud Security Engineer: Safeguard cloud infrastructure and data.
  • Cloud Support Network Engineer: Provide exceptional support and maintain robust network systems.
  • CRM Technical Consultant: Implement and optimize CRM solutions.
  • Full Stack Developer: Develop and maintain both front-end and back-end applications.
  • Python Developer: Create and manage dynamic applications with Python.
  • Salesforce Developer: Customize and integrate Salesforce solutions.
  • Software Engineer: Design, develop, and maintain software systems.
  • Technical Operation Specialist: Ensure smooth technical operations and manage incidents.
  • Automation Testers: Develop automated tests to ensure software quality.
  • Cloud Database Engineer: Manage and optimize cloud-based databases.
  • Data Engineer Analyst: Analyze and transform data for actionable insights.
  • Senior Data Scientist: Lead data science projects and provide advanced analytical solutions.
  • Software Architect: Design and oversee the architectural framework of software projects.

Skilled Trades Positions

In addition to IT roles, our partner employer is also looking for experienced individuals in various skilled trades:

  • Diesel Mechanic: Maintain and repair diesel engines and vehicles.
  • Fitters/Turners: Precision machining and assembly of components.
  • Forklift Operators: Operate forklifts to move materials safely and efficiently.
  • Excavator Operators: Operate excavators for construction and excavation projects.
  • Panel Beaters/Spray Painters: Repair and paint vehicle bodies.
  • Welders/Fabricators: Weld and fabricate metal components.
  • Site Traffic Management Supervisor: Oversee and manage traffic on construction sites.

Why Choose LGTC and Our Partner Employer?

At LGTC, we prioritize our employees’ professional growth and well-being. Our recruitment process ensures that we match your skills and ambitions with the perfect role, providing a supportive and rewarding work environment. Working with our partner employer in New Zealand offers a unique opportunity to grow your career while enjoying a high quality of life.

How to Apply

For inquiries and to apply, please call us at 22008278 or visit any of our offices in Kuwait. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to advance your career and work in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Join LGTC and our partner employer today and take the next step towards a fulfilling and prosperous career in New Zealand.

Contact Information:

Thank you for considering LGTC and our partner employer for your career journey. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

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