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About LGTC

Limitless General Trading Company (LGTC) is a distinguished and reputable organization registered under the auspices of the Kuwaiti government. Our company is built upon a deep understanding of the importance of value creation. We believe that each stakeholder contributes unique value to our organization, and we actively foster an environment that harnesses and amplifies this collective value. Led by the dynamic leadership of CEO Mr. Muhammad Seleem, LGTC strives to become a global leader in every industry it ventures into.

Offices: LGTC currently operates two offices, both located in Kuwait:

Salmiya Office: Our Salmiya office, established in 2017, is situated on the first floor of The Walk Complex, Salem Al Mubarak St., Block 4, Salmiya. This office serves as a central hub for our operations, providing a convenient and accessible location for our valued clients and stakeholders.

Farwaniya Office: On May 7, 2023, LGTC opened its newest office in Farwaniya. Located in Office No. 17, Magatheer Center, Block 3, Farwaniya, this office marks a significant milestone in our expansion and commitment to serving our clients and stakeholders more efficiently.

Vision: At LGTC, our vision is to be recognized worldwide as a preeminent conglomerate renowned for fostering exceptional growth and profitability across all industries we operate in. We aspire to create sustainable value for our stakeholders, understanding that their contributions are vital to our success. By nurturing and leveraging the value each stakeholder adds, we aim to be the preferred choice for clients, partners, employees, and communities.

Mission: Our mission is to achieve unwavering industry leadership for each of our subsidiaries by capitalizing on the collective value of our stakeholders. We are committed to providing innovative solutions, exceptional services, and superior products that deliver tangible value to our clients and customers. Through collaborative partnerships, open communication, and a culture that values and respects diverse perspectives, we aim to maximize the value contributed by each stakeholder and propel our organization to new heights of success.

Core Values:

  • Integrity: We conduct business with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethical practices. We foster trust and credibility in our relationships, treating all stakeholders with fairness, respect, and honesty.
  • Innovation: We embrace a culture of innovation, continually seeking new opportunities, technologies, and ideas to create value for our stakeholders. By encouraging creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, we drive transformative change and stay ahead in dynamic market landscapes.
  • Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations. Through rigorous planning, meticulous execution, and a relentless pursuit of quality, we deliver exceptional outcomes that exceed expectations. We strive for continuous improvement, challenging ourselves to raise the bar and achieve new levels of excellence.
  • Collaboration: We recognize the power of collaboration and value the contributions of our stakeholders. By fostering partnerships and open dialogue, we leverage the collective wisdom, insights, and expertise of our diverse stakeholders to drive innovation, foster growth, and achieve shared success.
  • Sustainability: We embrace our responsibility to create a sustainable future for the communities we operate in and the world at large. We are dedicated to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical business practices. By integrating sustainable practices into our operations, we aim to make a positive impact and contribute to a better tomorrow.


Our tagline, ‘Your Gateway to Better Living,’ embodies the commitment of Limitless General Trading Company (LGTC) to enhance the lives of our clients and stakeholders. We strive to be the gateway that opens doors to a better quality of life, providing innovative solutions, exceptional services, and valuable opportunities.”

This tagline reflects our dedication to improving the well-being and overall experience of our clients. At LGTC, we understand that true success goes beyond financial gains and extends to personal fulfillment, growth, and happiness. Through our comprehensive range of services and expertise, we aim to empower individuals and organizations to achieve a better, more fulfilling life.

Whether it’s through our work permit processing, visa consultancy, or other services, we are committed to facilitating positive transformations and enabling our clients to reach their goals. With LGTC as your partner, you gain access to the resources and support needed to create a better future and unlock new possibilities.

Experience the transformative power of LGTC as we open doors to better living and empower you to thrive in all aspects of life. Together, let’s embark on a journey towards a brighter and more fulfilling future.

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